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What should I do if I notice an error with the data?


You can contact us through support if you are already a member, or contact if you are not.

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Can I download the filtered data?


Yes, you can choose to download the full database or the filtered data.

Where can I see all the information about a specific SPAC?


In the SPAC data section you will be able to search for a specific SPAC profile and view all the information about it including who the sponsors and underwriters are, key event dates, key metrics and more.

How do I view key SPAC events?


All the key SPAC events are listed on the SPAC calendar. You can export these events to iCal, Outlook or Google calendars.

How do I track SPAC announcements?


You can access all the key events in a SPAC’s lifecycle in the SPAC’s profile or on our SPAC calendar. You are able to export the events you are interested in to your personal calendar.

How do I get notified about SPACs that I’m interested in?


When you sign up to SPACinformer you will receive a weekly email with the SPAC database which we send as soon as we update it. However, if you prefer, you can also access the insights on the SPACinformer platform.

How do I download the filtered SPAC data?


You can filter and download the specific data you’re interested in by using the customizable table on the SPAC Visualizations page. Choose the columns you would like to add and which filters you want to apply. Then simply select the “Download selected data” button to download the data in .xlsx format.

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