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How do I sign up?


Click here to sign up now. Add your name and email when requested. No card details needed (yes, it’s really free!). Verify your email address by clicking the link in your inbox. Set your password and it will take you straight to the login.

What can I access if I sign up?


The SPACinformer database includes the following information for over 700 U.S. SPACs. Read more for full list.

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What format is the downloadable data provided in?


The full and filtered database are in XLSX format, whereas the graphs are in PDF format. News articles are also in PDF format.

What is the SPACinformer platform?


The SPACinformer platform is a SPAC data tool which allows you to access all the analytics and insights you need to invest in SPACs. It consists of a SPAC calendar to track key events, a SPAC news section, customizable SPAC graphs and tables, and individual SPAC profiles.

What is the SPACinformer Community?


We have created a community on Discourse so that you can interact with fellow, like-minded SPAC investors. You will need to sign up here to be able to view and engage in the community discussions.

What information will I receive in the newsletter?


The newsletter includes a copy of the updated SPAC database, recent SPAC news, the top community pitches and information on any new features we are releasing.

What features are coming next?


We are working hard to improve the SPAC platform. If you would like to be the first to find out what is coming next sign up to our newsletter.

How will you use my data?


We appreciate your trust in us and take your privacy seriously. Please see our privacy policy for more exact details on how we handle your data.

How often is the data updated?


We update the data weekly. When you sign up, you will be able to access it instantly from the platform. We will also send you a copy of the updated database every Friday.

Can I share the SPAC data downloaded from SPACinformer?


Yes, you can share all the data downloaded from SPACinformer as long as it isn't for commercial purposes.

How much does SPACinformer cost?


Nothing. It is 100% free.

Which calendars are supported for syncing SPAC events?


We support iCal, Outlook and Google calendars.

Can’t find the answer you are looking for?

Create a free SPACinformer account by registering here and submit your question to our support team or to our community.

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