Brand Toolkit

For SPACinformer and SPACinformer Community

Download what you need and email if you need any additional assets.


The SPACinformer logo is comprised of a wordmark (the words SPAC and informer without a space) and a brandmark (an arrow and a dot). Please do not edit, change, distort, recolour or reconfigure it.

Colored, dark version for use on light backgrounds.

Colored, light version for use on dark backgrounds.

Monochromatic, dark version for use on light backgrounds.

Monochromatic, light version for use on dark backgrounds.

Community logo colored, dark version for use on light backgrounds.

Community logo colored, light version for use on dark backgrounds.

Community logo monochromatic, dark version for light backgrounds.

Community logo monochromatic, light version for dark backgrounds.


The brandmark is a simplified representation of the letters "s" and "i" – "s" for SPAC, and "i" for informer. The brandmark can be used as a pattern or as an element in a design as long as the full SPACinformer logo is included somewhere in the design.

Colored, dark brandmark

Monochromatic brandmark

Brand colors

Our primary brand colors are blue and slate. We use the primary brand colors for elements that must reflect our brand. Our background colors are white, light grey and gradient. Our accent colors are green, teal and coral.










#03014C #322C86

Product visuals

We use product screenshots to visualize our product offerings. Feel free to use unaltered screenshots for these purposes. Please don't superimpose graphics, change the way our products look or include any user information in your screenshots. You can annotate as long as the annotations are clearly distinct from the original screenshot.


For any questions relating to the following assets please get in touch with us through our contact page.

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